Nairobi Sensitive Scalp Hair Relaxer 20 Pack
Question: What makes Nairobi® Sensitive Scalp Relaxer System different?

Answer: Natural humectants such as Nairo-Plex-9 proteins, fatty amino acids and natural emollients oils that replenish the moisture and strength level.
  • Relaxer PH.12.5 Created by Mixing Calcium Hydroxide (Creme Base) +Guanidine Carbonate (liquid)=Guanidine Hydroxide
  • Non Drying
  • Moisture Replenishing
  • Relaxes evenly
  • Quicker relaxer penetration
  • Rinses quickly
  • Increased sheen
  • Reduced scalp irritation for extremely sensitive scalps
  • Relaxer of choice for color treated hair
  • Leaves hair smooth and silky
Pricing and availibility requires professional registration.

Price: $14.00
Price: $14.00
Price: $14.00
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